I have said that I want a man, a boyfriend, a daddy, a husband and many other things. The more I think about it, the more I want someone who will be a little bit of everything to me. I want a friend to spend time with. I want a boyfriend to date and enjoy. I want a daddy to teach me. I want a husband to have me. I want a master to control me. I want an owner to own me. Then, I realized that I truly want and need. I want all of these things, I want everything in one man and I really and truly want a man that I can love, adore, please, pleasure and most importantly I want a man who I can worship. I want a man that when I am with him, as Julie or as John, that I can totally and completely give myself to. I want a man that will be everything in my life as Julie. I want a man who will be my friend, boyfriend, daddy, husband, master, owner and more. I want a man who will consume my entire being when we are together. I want someone who will command my every ounce of attention and affection. I want to worship you as my man, my god, my everything in my life as Julie. I want to kneel at your feet and give myself to you wholly and completely so that you can possess every inch of my body, every piece of my heart and every part of my soul when we are together. Nothing else should matter when we are together, except you. Whether I am holding you hand, kissing you, cuddling with you or letting you fuck and pound my ass as hard as you want, all that should ever matter is you, your happiness and your pleasure. I want to be yours.